Throughout the last 8 years my dream was always to offer my clients a comprehensive solution for their business’s visual marketing needs.  During this time and I constantly engaged with clients and determining their needs, I realised that a hassle free solution was needed to fill my client’s needs.

The time has now come that we are geared up and ready to be able to supply our clients with a Complete Branding Package to either help start their business or if they are in need of a solid revamp of their business image.


The Complete Business Package Includes :

  • Graphic Design
    We establish the wishes of the client and research the latest marketing trends.  Read more
  • Web Development
    A Website – your MOST POWERFUL marketing tool..why?  Read more 
  • Photography
    Visually displaying your products and services goes a long way in customer trust.  Read more
  • Videography
    The newest but very effective way to engage with your customers, use it.  Read more
  • Internet Marketing
    That little aspect of your online strategy that paves the way for your online success.  Read more

If you are interested in our Complete Business Package, please contact us to arrange a FREE consultation to determine your specific needs.

All of our services are also available separately.  But by getting the complete business solution, we are prepared to cut our cost as it saves us time.

Make sure your business have a respectable online image and presence, engage with your customers often and listen to their voices, they determine your success..
~ Jaco Vollgraaff, Creative Africa Media CEO