Internet marketing?  Sounds like a lot for you in your busy schedule?

Don’t worry! We will take the task off you and manage your online presence strategically with a carefully planned internet marketing campaign that will boost your business’s visibility on the internet and get you those clients you never thought you would be able to reach!  The best part is, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

This includes :

  • We evaluate your website and social media presence to establish your current situation.
  • We make use of the best platforms recommended by the world’s top search engine platform, Google, to promote your business.
  • We do on site and off site optimisation techniques to help your website get found easier by your potential customers.
  • We setup, optimise and train you to use social media platforms to help you get in touch with your clients more directly to promote to them as well as connect with them on a more personal level.
  • We incorporate and train you on strategies that you can manage yourself on an on-going basis.
  • We set measurement tools in place so that you can see what your website and social presence is doing for you online.  This is very important data to use and will define the way you do business and to who you do business.

Online marketing consists of various aspects and platforms.

  • On site content
    We create and write your content in a way that will help your SEO perform.  This is a carefully planned process and is important to your success with search engines.
  • Social Media Integration
    We make use of the latest and most popular social media platforms to help boost your social presence.  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Blogging all form part of this and we link them to your website.  By doing this, potential customers can engage with you directly which already gives them the client service satisfaction that they require.
  • Social Media Management
    Because we know how vital this kind of  marketing is and that you probably have little or no time to do it, we can manage this on your behalf.  This will include reporting to you on a regular basis with statistics and strategies.
  • Blogging
    Blogging has taken the world by storm and is one of the biggest components to drive targeted traffic to your website and provide visitors with information rich and up to date content.
  • Paid Advertising Online
    We can setup and manage this online marketing strategy.  This is the most efficient way to direct targeted traffic to your website.  The ads we create will use planned keywords and phrases that will get that customer that is looking exactly for the services and products you offer.
  • Online Newsletter via E-Mail
    There is a newsletter platform that will send out newsletters on your request.  The mailing list can be built by gathering information from your members as well as a newsletter signup form on the website.  We can monitor the performance of this newsletter system and you will be able to view the status of your newsletters to your mailing list.
  • Statistics & Reporting
    Statistics are very important to measure your success online.  We setup and analyse a statistics platform to retrieve various types of data.Statistics can be gathered for your website’s performance, your social media platform’s performances as well as your multimedia performances such as online video.By carefully analysing data from your website’s performance on the internet, you can get a much better understanding as to who is your biggest target market, which areas to focus on more, what platforms are working for you and even pinpoint your visitors geographically.This information is vital to plan your future marketing efforts and media.  You will also see what pages are popular and which ones are not.  You will be able to find out exactly what your potential customers are looking for.We use multiple platforms to measure different aspects of your online presence.

    These include:

    • How many visitors ( this can be compared to customised dates as well )
    • How many pages they visit
    • How much time they spend on the website
    • From which geographical locations they are from
    • How they are finding your website and which keywords they use to find your website on the internet
    • How many are using mobile devices to view your site and which devices they use
    • and many many more..